Setting up JDK(JavaDevelopment Kit) on your Computer

Java is a Computer Programming Language derived from C and C++ which is Purely Object Oriented, Class based and platform independent. Java Development Kit(JDK) is a program development environment to write Java which has Java run time environment, Java compiler and Java APIs. JDK is automatically updated in iOS and Linux based platforms but you need to set up JDK if you are a Windows user. This article mainly focuses on setting up JDK and starting Java Programming. Setting up JDK is a very simple process, but one needs to follow these steps below:

  • Open any Search Engine from your browser and search for Java JDK. Most likely you will get it from the first link itself.
  • There will be four options to download – Java Platform JDK, JDK+ JavaFX Bundle,JDK+ Java Beans and JDK+Java EE bundle.You can proceed with any of them but I would recommend the first one if you are going to use “Eclipse” for Java Programming.
  • Accept the agreement directly and proceed but If you are really jobless you can try reading that agreement and proceed.
  • Choose the appropriate system version from options and download the file.
  • Install the .exe file and in most of the systems, it get installed in C\Program Files.
  • In that case get into C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.7.0_65(JDK version which you have installed)\bin
  • Copy the location till ‘bin’ and you have the path.
  • Click the “start button”, right click “Computer” and select “Properties”.
  • Sequentially select “Advanced System settings” and “Environment Variables…” button, the later present at the bottom of the pop up window.
  • Press “new” and give “Variable name” as “path” and paste the copied location for “Variable type
  • Click “OK” for all three popups and close the Windows Settings.
  • Go to command prompt type “javac”.1
  • You are all ready to go 😉

These are some basic steps, so please comment down if you are encountering any probem so that I can try debugging and include it in the same article.

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